Privacy Policy

At Wealth & Value ( we care about our visitor's right to privacy and this is why we do not collect any data unless it is essential for the functioning of our website.

When browsing our website, you agree to the privacy policy presented on this page.

User data

Our website does not collect user data, as it does not offer the possibility to register as a user or to interact with our site. We are only an informative website that presents information without interacting with its users.


While our website does not use cookies, several of the external websites that we link to are using tracking cookies. Such tracking cookies used by brokers to track the source of their incoming traffic are harmless and are needed in order for the broker to offer compensation to their advertising partners. When clicking on an external link from our website, you agree that the third party website you are going to may use cookies.

Stats & Analytics

Our website uses a third party analytics service from which tracks some general information about our visitors, such as IP Address, location, country of origin and the pages browsed on our website. This information is used only to analyze our traffic sources and optimize our website in order to provide a better experience for our visitors.

Data sharing

We do not share our visitor logs or stats information with any third party, as the privacy of our visitors is of utmost importance for us.

Affiliate disclaimer

Our website may receive commissions from partners through affiliate deals. In order for the affiliate compensation to be possible, the third party websites we present may need to use tracking cookies in order to know the origin of the traffic they receive from us.

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